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People often ask

If your crystalline has become opaque, allowing in less light, Luminette might be less effective and may require prolonged usage. If you've undergone cataract surgery, consult your ophthalmologist before beginning light therapy.

Yes, Luminette is designed to be safe for the eyes, provided you follow the usage guidelines detailed in the user manual. 

  1. Luminette emits low-intensity white light enriched with blue light (1,500 lux). 
  2. For context, many light therapy boxes produce light at 10,000 lux. 
  3. The light spectrum is specifically selected to omit potentially harmful wavelengths like UV. 
  4. Luminette complies with the IEC 62471 standard and is recognized as safe for the eyes. 
  5. Over 200,000 units of our flagship products have been sold without any reported incidents.

The rejuvenating effect of Luminette® is almost immediate. Within the initial days, you'll notice enhanced energy levels and an improved mood. Adjustments to your biological clock typically occur between 4 to 7 days.

Absolutely. Luminette can be comfortably worn over both contact lenses and regular glasses.

No worries! Nose pieces can be ordered individually at any time for 10 USD each. Navigate to the '3 dots circle' in the menu and choose 'Order a nose rest' to select your desired quantity.

You're covered! We offer a 30-day return policy, and you'll receive a full refund—no questions asked.