Light therapy in complete freedom


Feeling the effects of shorter days and less light? Looking for ways to feel brighter and more energised? If you want to enjoy a vibrant, active lifestyle but too busy to sit in front of a light therapy lamp every day… Luminette® is the answer! Read more...

The Luminette: how does it work

The Luminette in three words


Luminette is a light-weight medical device worn just like a pair of glasses. It lets you go about your day without interrupting your treatment. You can read, watch TV, make breakfast, work out…

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Luminette provides highly effective light therapy on the go. Daily treatment is simple, easy and comfortable – and the benefits are proven.

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Thanks to its diffractive system, the light produced by the Luminette does not affect the part of the eye responsible for vision. You can still work, use a computer and read as normal.

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