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Light Therapy Pioneers

Light Therapy Pioneers

The inventors took a simple observation as their starting point: light therapy lamps are effective but not very convenient. Most of them end up unused in the attic

Light Therapy The goal

The goal

That's why we tried to develop a light therapy device that could be used on the go, allowing users to carry out their normal activities without losing a second of light


Luminette came out in 2006 after four years of research at the University of Liege (Belgium). It is the result of collaboration between two fields of research: sleep medicine and optical physics

Luminette 1

Luminette 1

The first on-the-go light therapy device in the world

Luminette 2

Luminette 2

2nd generation of the on the go light therapy device

Luminette 3

Luminette 3

3rd and most successful generation of Luminette, used by 150,000+ people



2-in-1 light therapy device, designed for driving and working on computer


New device

is being tested...

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Who is it for?

All content creators are welcome, including Social media Influencers, Bloggers, and YouTubers whose audiences are looking for the best alternative light therapy to Boost their energy, Beat the winter blues, and Improve their sleep

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