Light therapy lamps

Discover how to choose your light therapy lamp

There are numerous factors to take into account when choosing your light therapy lamp.

Different types of lamp

The type of lamp you should choose depends on your lifestyle and your intended type of use.

The responses to these questions will help you to decide :

  • In the morning, can you easily see yourself staying seated for 30 minutes in the same place? If the answer is yes, then choose a fixed lamp. If the answer is no, then you will prefer the light therapy glasses.
  • Should numerous members of your family be able to use the lamp at the same time? If yes, then choose a “panel” style lamp which will allow you to light up numerous people at the same time in good conditions.
  • Do you travel regularly? If yes, then you will prefer the compact lamps or the light therapy glasses so that you can bring them with you on your trip.

Has the photobiological safety of the lamp been evaluated?

It is recommended to ensure that the manufacturer has assessed its lamp according to the IEC 62471 regulation on the photo biological safety of lamps and that this does not present any risk (“Exempt group”).

Which light therapy lamps should be avoided?

  • Lamps which are not very powerful (lamp 10cm from the face)
  • Lamps which have not been assessed as being “without photo-biological risk” (regulation IEC 62471)

The Luminette reproduces the beneficial effects of the sun and stimulates specific receptors, located in the eyes, which activate the energizing response that light has on the body. It will help you to fight against slumps in energy, allowing you to feel more in shape and it will have a regulatory effect on your sleep patterns.

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