Lucimed is joining forces with Le Verso du Miroir

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Lucimed is joining forces with Le Verso du Miroir

by Eric Delloye — Posted in Luminette

The goal of our company has always been to use light in innovative ways to improve people's health. The Luminette device is the result of that goal, and we are proud that it has captivated over 60,000 people around the world.

For every Luminette sold, we donate €1 to Le Verso du Miroir.

We want to share this success with an organization that is in line with our mission. We chose Le Verso du Miroir, a non-governmental organization that helps visually impaired people regain their sight in Central Africa.

An amount of €8,538 was donated to "Le Verso du Miroir" for the year 2022.

Musuwaya's story

Musuwaya is 55 years old and lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This elderly man provides for his family by working as a carpenter. Vision is his main tool to do precise and quality work. Unfortunately, in just a few months, Musuwaya has gone blind. He is forced to leave his job and becomes completely dependent on others as he cannot move, wash and eat on his own.

Fortunately, Musuwaya was spotted by a nurse during an outreach consultation near his village. The ophthalmologist who examined him diagnosed him with cataracts. After a fifteen-minute surgery, Musuwaya regains his sight. A few days later, he returns to work and regains his independence. This brings immense happiness to him and his family.