Why use light therapy in your company?

Are you managing a company and concerned about the well-being of your employees? Are you an occupational physician looking for a solution to improve the health of night staff?
Light therapy is an effective solution appreciated by all those who seek to improve their health in a natural way. Light and portable, the Luminette is the ideal light therapy device. It will allow your employees to go about their business while having their daily light therapy session.
The well-being of your employees Light therapy is useful to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue during the fall and winter. In fact, because of its action on biological rhythms, it helps combat the winter blues and sleep disorders.
Reduce absenteeism in winter Every winter, the level of absenteeism in companies is at its highest. The reasons? Seasonal illnesses of course, but also atigue, stress and... the famous winter blues (17%), phenomena that have become even more pronounced with the health crisis. (Malakoff Médéric Humanis 2016 Survey) Another survey of 1,000 employees shows that 20% of Brits admit to missing work due to winter blues.
stripes2 Absenteeism treatable with Light Therapy
A A study published in the Journal of Biological Rhythms even showed that absenteeism is more often linked to the shortening of daylight hours than to other factors. Therefore, to avoid an increase in absenteeism during the winter period, adopting light therapy within your company allows your employees to feel fit all year round and helps limit work stoppages.
Offering the Luminette to your employees will compensate for the lack of brightness in your offices and reduce the risk of disorders associated with this lack.
Under-lit offices The European standard NF EN 12464-1 recommends that office lighting be at least 500 lux. However, many offices are under-lit (200 to 300 lux). An under-lit office can lead to the disruption of sleep-wake cycles, which will have an impact on the general well-being of the worker. study published by Cornell University reported that poor lightning amounts to employees losing 15 minutes of productivity per day
stripes2 Daily productivity reclaimed with Luminette
By inhibiting melatonin, the Luminette worn in the evening, before starting work, helps the sleep/wake cycle to synchronize more quickly with the shifted schedule.
An Asset For Night Work
Thanks to the sun cycle, the human body is programmed to live during the day and sleep at night. The biological rhythms are strongly disrupted in the case of night shifts and this can lead to a series of problems that seriously reduce the quality of life of the worker.
Light Therapy As A Corporate Gift
Offering your employees a light therapy device shows that you care about their well-being and will help them stay in top shape during the fall and winter months. The Luminette has a positive image with the general public, so offering it as an end-of-year gift or as a retirement gift will be well appreciated.
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