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Be more mobile,
Try wearable
light therapy

Light therapy
made easy

The effectiveness of a light therapy lamp depends on the regularity with which it is used. In practice, it is difficult to sit in front of a light therapy lamp for 30 minutes every day.

Thanks to the Luminette, you will be able to do your light therapy session while remaining active and light therapy will not be a constraint. You will therefore have a better chance of feeling the positive effects of light on your energy level and the quality of your sleep.

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While wearing Luminette,
you can :

  • Get breakfast ready

  • Brush your teeth

  • Read a book

  • Watch television

  • Work on your computer

  • Perform light exercise
    (e.g. walking, using an indoor exercise bicycle, yoga.).

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Don’t change your routine!

If you wear glasses or contact lenses you can
use Luminette without impacting your
vision or comfort

luminette luminette

How does it work?

A patented, innovative light therapy system, for optimal comfort.

Luminette® works thanks to an innovative optical technology: a light beam enters your eye naturally just like the sun, without dazzling your eyes or obscuring your vision.

White light enhanced with blue light
for greater effectiveness.

Luminette® emits a safe blue-enriched white light peaked at 468 nm. This wavelength is proven to be the most effective at triggering the body's positive response to sunlight. Luminette LED’s have been specifically selected to avoid light close to UV.

how it work

An independent study has shown that the Luminette gives the same results as a 10,000 lux light box

An independent study has shown that the Luminette gives the same results as a 10,000 lux light box Read the study


How to use it ?


A session lasts
20-30 min

It depends on your choice of light intensity: ranging from 20 minutes (maximum intensity) to 45 minutes (minimum intensity).


once a day

We recommend using the Luminette once a day


Feel beneficial
effects in 4 to 6 days

The “boosting” effect of the Luminette® is almost immediate. After a few sessions, you’ll feel your energy returning and your mood improving. If you are using Luminette to rectify a sleep phase disorder the results will become noticeable between 4 to 5 days.



luminette lum hologram lum LED lum temples lum charge lum indicator lum nose rest lum switch
  • Hologram
  • LED
  • Foldable temples
  • Micro-USB charge
  • Charge indicator
  • Adjustable nose rest
  • On/off switch

4 years of research
at the University of Liege

Luminette came out in 2006 after 4 years of research at the University of Liege (Belgium). It is the result of collaboration between two fields of research: sleep medicine and optical physics


68 % Luminetten käyttäjistä ilmoitti unensa laadun parantuneen

Tämän tutkimuksen tavoitteena oli arvioida Luminetten käytön tehokkuutta nuorilla, jotka kärsivät viivästyneen univaiheen oireyhtymästä (DSPS).


58 % Luminetten käyttäjistä huomasi energiatasonsa nousevan ja koki väsymystasonsa vähentyneen.

Tämän tutkimuksen tarkoituksena oli tutkia Luminetten käytön vaikutusta työntekijöihin, joilla ei ollut pääsyä päivänvalolle.


Luminetten käyttäminen lounaan jälkeen on yhtä hyödyllistä kuin iltapäivätorkut.

Tässä tutkimuksessa tarkasteltiin Luminetten käytön vaikutusta lounaan jälkeen verrattuna iltapäiväuniin.


Valovalotus Luminetten kautta parantaa tarkkaavaisuutta

Tämän tutkimuksen tavoitteena on arvioida Luminetten käytön vaikutuksia melatoniinin eritykseen.


Luminette näyttää mielenkiintoisia tuloksia pilottitutkimuksessa nuorilla.

Tässä tutkimuksessa tutkittiin Luminetten käytön vaikutusta nuorten mielialaan.


Since 2007 Luminette® carries the CE Classification.
Luminette® is classified as a device that is safe for the eyes in accordance with the international standard CEI 62471. In addition, the light emitted by Luminette is free from UV, infrared rays and does not contain short wavelength below 450 nm