Innovation Award in Mental Health: Luminette

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Innovation Award in Mental Health: Luminette

by Eric Delloye — Posted in Luminette

At the end of January 2017, we participated in the 15th Encéphale Congress in Paris. This is the leading medical congress for French-speaking psychiatry.

Every year, the Encéphale Congress brings together psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and other professionals in the field of mental health. The congress provides a platform to exchange new practices and deepen the understanding of innovative methods and treatment tools.

This year, the congress focused on innovation in various areas of mental health and organized a competition involving 6 start-ups.

Dreem Rythm, Mensia Technologies, Pragma Therapeutics, Batvoice Technologies, Interaction Healthcare, and our company Lucimed.

Each company had 6 minutes to present themselves and explain how their product was innovative. The Scientific Committee of the congress was responsible for evaluating the 6 start-ups. To our great surprise, our company won the Innovation in Mental Health award with Luminette. This is a remarkable reward and recognition for us. It's also a step forward towards a new, natural, innovative, and non-pharmaceutical approach to treating depression and sleep problems.