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Sleep problems: Light therapy

eAlmost a third of the population complain about sleep problems. Numerous sleep problems exist, very different in both their nature and their origin. Here, we are interested in sleep problems linked with sleep cycles (wake-sleep patterns), namely advanced phase syndrome and delayed phase syndrome in sleep which light therapy regulates.

Causes of sleeping problems

It would seem that the cause of an advanced phase is actually genetic in nature whereas the delayed phases are actually linked to the way of life of the person and/or the health of their sleep. Some people are also more morning people (morning chronotype) or night people (late chronotype).

How do I know if I suffer from sleep problems?

People with an advanced phase have difficulties staying awake in the evening, making all social activity difficult and observe premature awakening in the morning. These symptoms increase with age and affect 1% of the population.

Conversely, those who have delayed phases find sleep difficult in the evenings and experience great difficulties in waking up when morning comes. Young people are more effected by these symptoms and a more and more important part of the population.

How are sleep problems treated?

Since 2005, light therapy has been recognized by the APA (American Psychiatric Association) as a base treatment for these types of sleep problems. Together with an adapted well-being, it enables the patient to regain a normal sleep cycles in 2-3 weeks.

When should I use the Luminette if I suffer from sleep problems?

For the advanced phase sleep syndrome, it is recommended to carry out a light therapy session at the start of the evening, 2 hours before the desired sleep time.

For the delayed phase sleep syndrome, it is recommended to carry out a light therapy session in the morning, at the desired awakening time. If you should wake up at a precise time (7am for example) but usually you cannot, force yourself for the first few days and you will see that you will naturally wake up at this time from then on.

Discover what role light plays on the body

with Roland Pec - sleep specialist and chrono-therapist


The Luminette reproduces the beneficial effects of the sun and stimulates specific receptors, located in the eyes, which activate the energizing response that light has on the body. It will help you to fight against slumps in energy, allowing you to feel more in shape and it will have a regulatory effect on your sleep patterns.

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