Brightening Student Wellness: Harnessing the Power of Light Therapy

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Brightening Student Wellness: Harnessing the Power of Light Therapy

by Eric Delloye — Опубликовано в Luminette

Are you kids feeling stuck? So you must know that a regular study pace is one of the keys to passing

Still, students are commonly unable to get out of their offset pace during the rest of the year. This phenomenon is particularly frequent during winter cramming. They get up too late, are tired during the day and have to compensate by studying late into the night, usually less efficiently than during the day. They enter into a vicious circle they need to escape from in order to succeed.

Have you thought about light therapy? Light therapy is a medical therapy consisting of waking up and exposing your eyes to a special light for 30 minutes. Light is an essential part of sleep and wakefulness rhythms. If we aren’t exposed to light in sufficient quantities and qualities when we wake up, our rhythm can go off, impacting not only our sleep but our energy levels as well.

Luminette® is a pair of light therapy glasses that lets users go about their business while receiving treatment through light. Luminette® is medically recognized has has already won over 30,000 users.

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