Light therapy

Light therapy and vitamin D

Light therapy is often incorrectly likened to the secretion of vitamin D. 

Indeed, vitamin D is synthesized by cells in the skin when these are in contact with UVB and UVA which are naturally found in sunlight. A light therapy lamp, if it is certified, emits a light whose spectrum is completely devoid of ultra-violet. 

That is why the skin does not emit vitamin D during a light therapy session.

On the other hand, the exposure of your eyes to a light therapy lamp has beneficial effects on the regulation of your natural rhythms and your energy level.


The Luminette reproduces the beneficial effects of the sun and stimulates specific receptors, located in the eyes, which activate the energizing response that light has on the body. It will help you to fight against slumps in energy, allowing you to feel more in shape and it will have a regulatory effect on your sleep patterns.

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