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Anvendelser til lysterapi

Discover how Light Therapy can lessen Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms

Light therapy treats jet lag problems, also known as jet lag, which is the result of quickly crossing (usually by plane) several time zones. It is translated into disturbances of the biological clock of which the duration and intensity are proportional to the number of time zones. The harmful effects of jet lag are only felt after 3 time zones. (example: a flight from Paris - Moscow).

What causes jet lag

The cause is crossing several time zones too quickly, not allowing the internal clock (biological clock) to adapt to the external time.

How do I know if I’m suffering from jet lag?

The most frequent symptoms are:

  • Insomnia
  • Drowsiness
  • Physical tiredness
  • Intellectual tiredness
  • Mood problems
  • Difficulties concentrating

How can jet lag be fought against?

Jet lag is not a pathology in the strict sense of the term. Therefore, we do not talk about a treatment but rather a solution for a better well-being. These make up part of the classic tool for chronotherapy, namely the tools which enable the resynchronization of the biological clock to its new time. We count 3 main “tools” which the traveller can use to reduce the effects of jet lag: light therapy, taking melatonin, avoiding light and sleep.

Jet lag: Light therapy

When should I use the Luminette when I travel?

Simple advice and the use of your Luminette will enable the resetting of your biological clock more quickly (up to two times quicker):

During the flight

Set your watch to your destination time, drink lots of water and limit the consumption of alcohol, coffee and tea.

On arrival

If you are travelling East, we advice that once you have arrived on the first day, to avoid sunlight (by wearing glasses with a blue filter or sunglasses with a high degree of protection) in the morning and make the most of the light in the afternoon (or if there isn’t

If you are travelling West, we advise you, once you have arrived, to stay awake during the day and carry out a light therapy session at the start of the afternoon (between 12pm and 3pm). But once it is night time, go to sleep.

Discover what role light plays on the body

with Roland Pec - sleep specialist and chrono-therapist


Luminette gengiver de gavnlige virkninger af solen og stimulerer specifikke receptorer, placeret i øjnene, som aktiverer den energigivende respons, som lyset har på kroppen. Det vil hjælpe dig med at bekæmpe energinedgange, så du kan føle dig mere i form, og det vil have en regulerende effekt på dit søvnmønster.

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