Adjust your biological clock to daylight saving time!

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Adjust your biological clock to daylight saving time!

by Eric Delloye — Posted in Luminette

On the night of Saturday, March 26th, to Sunday, March 27th, we will change our clocks! We never really know what impact this change will have on our habits and routines. What we do know is that on Sunday at 2:00 AM, it will already be 3:00 AM! That's one hour less of sleep on your tally…

You'll notice that it will be daylight later in the morning and dark later in the evening. This allows for enjoying beautiful days and leisurely walks after dinner. The time change also inspires the creation of a new daily routine. With the arrival of spring, good moods are more frequent as the days become longer and provide more opportunities to do things.

To adjust your biological clock to daylight saving time, light therapy is a good solution!

Perform your Luminette® session in the morning upon waking for 20 minutes!

"The Luminette is a light therapy device that, in the form of glasses, suits active individuals who don't have time to sit in front of a fixed light therapy lamp.

Used once a day upon waking, Luminette helps combat sleep problems, jet lag, and seasonal depression. Manufactured in Belgium, Luminette has already won over 50,000 users in over 20 countries!"