4 Tips to Start Winter on the Right Foot!

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4 Tips to Start Winter on the Right Foot!

by Eric Delloye — Posted in Luminette

The clouds roll in, the grayness and cold settle in. The days are dark and short. Winter is here! This season is sometimes marked by a lack of energy and a more fragile mood in some individuals.

Did you know that in France, 80% of adults are deficient in vitamins? Over 90% by the end of winter. Here are 4 tips to embrace winter, stay in good spirits, and maintain good health despite dropping temperatures.

1- Find Your Sleep Rhythm

Getting adequate sleep is crucial for staying in shape. It's recommended to sleep around 7 hours a night for a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is the primary partner for well-being.

Luminette’s advice:

Pay attention to your sleeping environment! It's important to arrange your room in a way that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

  • Adjust the temperature: We recommend a room temperature between 19 to 21 °C (66 to 70 °F). There's no need to set the heat too high, as your body adapts to the ambient temperature, and you'll quickly become too warm, which won't aid in sleeping.
  • Choose your decor wisely: Did you know that the color of your room can impact your sleep? A British study revealed that certain colors are conducive to restorative and calming sleep. Blue is the most soothing color, associated with an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep per night. On the other hand, purple is the color that least stimulates sleep, with an average of 5 hours and 56 minutes of sleep per night.
  • Ensure comfort: A good mattress and pillow are essential for optimal sleep.
  • Avoid screens at least an hour before bed as they stimulate brain activity and hinder falling asleep. The light emitted by screens inhibits the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep.

    2- Engage in Physical Activity

    Staying active during winter is important. Even if the weather doesn't always encourage us to go out for a run or a walk, you can still do a 30-minute workout at home each day. This will help you stay fit and positive.

    Luminette’s advice:

    • Favor outdoor sports: Engaging in outdoor sports during winter can make you happier. As your body works to maintain its temperature, the production of endorphins increases, giving you a lighter and happier feeling. This serves as a good remedy against seasonal mood dips and depression.
    • Set weekly goals: Plan your workout sessions according to your schedule. Setting goals not only helps you stay committed, but also increases your sense of accomplishment. Write down your goals; it enhances the likelihood of actually achieving them.

    3- Boost Your Energy

    Consume vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. There are also dietary supplements available to address certain vitamin deficiencies.

    Lucimed's advice:

    • Eat light and healthy: Avoid heavy meals, even though dishes like raclette and tartiflette are tempting in winter. To strengthen your immune system, focus on foods rich in vitamins and trace elements.
    • Consume vitamin C: Include vegetables rich in vitamin C to prevent illness, such as parsley, sorrel, bell pepper, kiwi, watercress, Brussels sprouts, lemon, orange, green cabbage, and more.
    • Stock up, as vitamin D is synthesized after exposure to UV rays, so we recommend taking walks when the sun is out. You can also find Vitamin D in certain foods (fresh or smoked salmon, cod liver oil, red or canned tuna, etc.).

      4- Get Morning Light Exposure

      Light is essential for awakening as it promotes a good start to the day. Make use of your free moments to go outside and get some fresh air. It's important for feeling better physically and mentally. Sometimes, finding a source of natural light right after waking up can be challenging. This is where light therapy comes in as a good solution to compensate for the lack of brightness while having breakfast at home.

      Lucimed's advice:

      • Try Luminette for a month: Perform a 20-minute light therapy session every morning using Luminette. Convenient and portable, it will help you stay in better shape throughout the winter.

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