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Light Therapy

At the core of Light Therapy is the science of Chronobiology (a subset of biology) – Chronobiology studies the circadien rhythms of the human (and other) body – these rhythms fluctuate over 24 hours (approximately) and influence your state of mind (Sleepiness and alertness) at regular intervals – Your Circadian Rhythm is basically a 24-hour internal clock running in the background of your brain – also know as your « body clock ».

Light Therapy

Light therapy is a method to treat not only Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) but several other ailments (Somber mood - bereavement - sleep disorder due to shift work - advanced and late sleep disorders - jet lag and more).

During a light therapy session, a safe, source of light is delivered to your eyes, simulating natural outdoor light - it's like looking at blue skies !
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Chronobiology is a branch of biology. It studies the circadian rhythms of our body which fluctuate over 24 hours. It is noted that just as light therapy has a very important role in correctly synchronizing our biological clock. It acts according to different modes of actions to regulate our bodies.
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Light therapy lamps

How to choose a light therapy lamp and what are their benefits? It is sometimes difficult to choose a lamp. We will help you in your choice.
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Light Therapy Applications

Light Therapy combats winter blues, helps night-shift workers with their sleep pattern, and lessens Jet Lag
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